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Tribal Pants, Genie Pants, Boho Chic Pants, Long Pants, Harem Pants

Tribal Pants, Genie Pants, Boho Chic Pants, Long Pants, Harem Pants

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Our Tribal boho pants will make you feel like the center of attention from all the compliments you’ll receive with these bright and vibrant colors featuring ornate and ethnic prints which can easily be mixed and matched with your whole wardrobe.

Beautiful and extremely comfortable harem pants made of cotton with a rushed elastic band, these flowy pants are the ultimate comfort wear: loose, cozy, light weight & airy fabric are so easy-to-wear. Because of the alternating patterned fabric, pair this with a simple top in a complementary or matching color for unique casual wear. So strike a pose!

These boho hippie pants can also be worn as 3/4 shorts by pulling up the elastic ankles. Perfect for yoga sessions on hot days.

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*****Comfortable elastic on ankles***

**We recommend hand wash. Line Dry **

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One Size:


- Waist: 24″ to 38″
- Hips: up to 46″
- Total length: 42″
- Inseam: 27"

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XL Bohemian Pants (Fits L to XXL)


Waist: 32″ to 56″
Inseam: 28″
Total length: 42″

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Shipping & returns of your Boho Pants:
Ready to ship in 1–3 business days From United States

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